New to Vaping

We're here to help

We have set up this page to help customers make an informed decision before they purchase their first device.  We understand where you are coming from.  We were all at this point once - what device to buy, what does this all mean, what's up with all these new words and how much will this cost me?  

There are basically 3 components to a vape/ecig.

  1. Tank - this is where you store the liquid.  
  2. Coil - this is the element that heats up and vapourises the juice.  The coil is housed in the tank. IMPORANT: You'll need to replace the coil every couple of weeks.  You'll need to replace it when the flavours taste burnt.  Have you read about clearomisers, atomisers or filters?  They are all just coils.  Generally we use the term 'coils' to keep it simple.  
  3. Mod - this is the 'body' of the device. It's where you generally hold the unit and where you charge it.  Some mods have internal battery and others have replaceable battery.  
Here's an illustration of the 3 components:

As a new user, we recommend buying a starter kit.  A starter kit comes with all the main components needed.  There are essential two types of starter kits.  

Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) Kits - These kits are great for users who want to inhale the device in their mouth first before the lung (similar inhale to a cigarette or cigar)

Direct Lung (DL) Kits - These kits are great for users who want more clouds (vape) and the inhale is directly into the lung (similar to shisha/hookah)

In our experience, most users start with Mouth-To-Lung kits.

One of the best starter kits is the Pockex.  It's small, compact and durable.  It comes with everything you need to start vaping, except for juice.  

Running Cost

In terms of the running cost post initial purchase, it depends on how much you vape but a rough estimate for a new vaper is about $20 - $30 a week.  This includes a bottle of juice and a coil.

Is this healthier than cigarettes?

We are unable to give any health advice.  There have been numerous studies by government bodies.  Here is a great link from the Royal College of Physicians in the UK.

 Link to the Royal College of Physicians stating that vaping is 95% better than smoking

Where can I get nicotine?

Please keep in mind that we do not sell any nicotine in any of the juices.  It is against the law for us to do so.  If you wish to purchase nicotine juice, this will need to be done internationally.  In Australia, a lot of the juice vendors sell what we call 'doublers', which are made for users who put in their own nicotine from overseas.