• What we need to know about Nicotine as of the 1st of October 2021.

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    Vaping has become very popular for Tobacco harm reduction in Australia.
    From 1 Oct. 2021, new laws surrounding the importation of nicotine has changed. In this blog, we talk about the new changes to the nicotine laws and how it can affect you and how you can avoid some hefty fines. Provided by Ace Vape Melbourne.

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  • Vladdin - The Pod Vape specialist

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    Ever heard the saying, you can be the jack of all trades but master of none? Vladdin is the exact opposite of that saying. It is a company that started off manufacturing pod vapes and focused on one thing and one thing only. That is to manufacture the highest quality pod vapes at the most affordable cost to customers.

    Vladdin founded in early 2018, around the same time that pod vapes started getting popular with the rise of the Juul. Their first product, the Vladdin RE pod starter kit was a huge success. Boasting better flavour delivery and longevity than the non-refillable Juul device. For over one and a half years, Vladdin sold only the RE device while collecting valuable feedback from their ever growing customer base. In July 2019, Vladdin started releasing a flurry of new products that pod users have asked for. Starting with a mesh coil AIO pod system and recognising the global demand of an even looser draw and better flavoured pod device, Vladdin launched the Vantage set to take on the Uwell Caliburn. 

    Why was the Vladdin RE so popular

    Vladdin RE pod device

    The growing trend of using nicotine salts in your vape had consumers demanding for more pod devices. The RE pod device was designed and manufactured specifically for nicotine salts. Originally a prefilled pod that Australian’s had no access to, they moved towards a refillable 1.5ml pod which is larger than the 0.7ml pod of the Juul. This meant twice the duration before needing a refill allowing most users to have an entire day out with the pod device and not having to carry around a bottle of vape liquid. All this extra juice capacity only made the Vladdin 4 grams heavier than the Juul. The additional  bonus is the Vladdin device used a standard Type B USB cable that can be found in every household whereas the Juul required a specific charger that was hard to find within Australia should you have lost the charger.

    The Vladdin RE also used a patented ceramic coil system which meant longer coil life with much better flavour from the RE over the Juul. Lastly, the Vladdin RE pod kit’s design also meant it was much more leak resistant compared to many pod devices. Gold plated magnets attached the pod to the device since gold is the best electrical conductor, Vladdin focused on ensuring its products were of extremely high quality. It was no wonder the Vladdin grew in popularity within Australia and especially with our Melbourne customer base.

    Why the Vantage was so popular

    Vladdin Vantage pod

    Then came along the Vantage. The Caliburn was taking the pod vape world by storm with the Caliburn being the highest sold pod device in our store. The Caliburn offered a looser inhale and increased cloud production compared to the Juul or the RE and boasted much stronger flavour. We have done past blogs on why the Caliburn is amazing should you like to read up on it. However, the Vantage was designed to be a competitor to the Caliburn with a unique selling point. A world’s first hybrid system capable of using both mouth to lung pods or direct to lung pods. 

     You could use both the direct to lung loose draw pod or a mouth to lung restricted draw pod. The larger pod device also meant it had a larger battery capacity which allowed for more often and longer use before requiring a recharge through the day. The larger battery capacity was mostly designed for being able to provide more power to the 0.8 ohm direct to lung pod that fires at 15W but allowed for much better battery life when using the 1.2 ohm mouth to lung pod at 11W that was similar to the Vladdin RE. Vladdin carried forward their leak resistant pod design from the RE with very few leaking issues occurring with the Vantage

    Vladdin also heard the complaints of vapers around the world regarding the problematic Type B USB charger and switched to a Type C USB charger. The Vantage device is home to a 700mAH battery manufactured by Samsung and a PCBA chip set guaranteeing quick firing times.

    Why is lower resistance wanted in pod vaping?

    A common trend has seen pod manufacturers designing pods that run lower resistance in recent months. The logic behind lower resistance relates to nicotine levels and how it is measured. Nicotine levels are measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) meaning how much nicotine is contained in 1 ML of eliquid. As an example, 50mg juices does not mean you are inhaling 50mg of nicotine with each puff but 50mg of nicotine only after 1 ml of juice is vaped. 

    The lower the resistance, the more juice is vapourized and the more nicotine is inhaled. This allows the Australian user to use less nicotine in their juice and still experience the same sensations as strong nicotine e-juices in high resistance devices such as the Juul.

    Why buy the new Vladdin Chopin

    Vladdin Chopin pod vape

    All of the past devices have led to Vladdin’s newest and most affordable pod device till date. The brand new Vladdin Chopin. Vladdin has taken everything they have learnt from the past devices and packaged it into a tiny handheld pod device that still holds 500mAH of battery capacity and a 1 ohm resistance in its pod. The connector pins within the pod are still gold plated for maximum conductivity, the pod itself has a slightly looser draw and larger cloud production that many vapers have asked for. 

    Vladdin even states it in their tagline for the Chopin, “Our most cost effective device”. It has taken every bit of technology through their previous generations of pod devices and created the perfect little device that is handy, easy to carry around and most importantly, offers the same amount of quality and flavour as every other device manufactured by Vladdin. 

    Find out why the Chopin needs to be your new pod device at our Ace Vape Carlton or Tullamarine stores today!

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  • Benefits of vaporizing CBD

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    Benefits of vaporizing CBD



    While ingestion of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, either alone or mixed with food or drink, is a common way to take CBD, vaping is a method of delivery offering its own benefits. CBD vape oil is fast-acting so it's perfect for quick relief and you can set your particular dosage taking into account your body weight, the ratio of CBD to liquid in the bottle and the condition you want to treat. And additional advantages are the fact that vaping CBD doesn't produce unnecessary smoke or intoxication.


    However, with the right tools and knowledge, vaping can be an extraordinarily effective, convenient, and discreet way to treat yourself with CBD.


    Vaping CBD is efficient

    You put the cannabinoid into your lungs when you vape CBD oil, which distributes it rapidly through the bloodstream, enabling you to feel its effects almost instantly. 


    Orally consumed CBD items, including edibles or capsules, are more easily absorbed by the body as they pass through the digestive tract. This delayed absorption is favoured in some situations, but not always.


    Vaping CBD also helps more cannabinoids to be absorbed by the body, as CBD ingested orally may be broken down in the stomach before reaching the bloodstream. Higher bioavailability of CBD vapor oil. This ensures more of the CBD you ingest enters your bloodstream.


    Vaping does not produce smoke (when vaporizers are used correctly)

    One of their main concerns when medical professionals consider prescribing cannabis to their patients is smoking, as inhaling smoke has a risks due to the carcinogenic chemicals created by combustion. Doctors are generally careful to advise other methods.


    Vaping is a perfect option for those who avoid such approaches as smoking. This is because although people blow clouds when they vape, the substance they breathe out is not as harsh on the throat or lungs.


    When used at proper temperatures, vaporizers only produce enough heat to cause evaporation and not ignition. That's why it's important to know what temperature your vaporizer settings actually get to hot. 


    You won't get high from Vaping CBD

    One of the main reasons people seek CBD is because it won't make them feel "high." So, vaping CBD Cartridge is a perfect choice if you want the health benefits of CBD without the mind-blowing effects of THC.


    CBD concentrates are sold in "full spectrum" and more purified varieties. "Full spectrum" refers to the inclusion of more beneficial molecules extracted from the plant, but at lower potencies than a pure product such as CBD isolate. Some consumers may want limited amounts of THC in full-spectrum CBD products because it has the potential to improve CBD's therapeutic effects through an interaction called the 'entourage effect.'


    It's easy to adjust your dose

    Due to its high bioavailability, CBD vape oil or CBD Cartridge takes effect quickly after use. This makes it easy to tell if CBD is working or not, which can also help you determine the correct dosage. It's as quick to raise your dose as to take another hit of you vape pen. And if at different times of the day you need to take different doses, then you can either vape more or less. Some manufacturers design metered dose vaporizers to place some specific numbers on the amount of CBD inhaled.


    If you are taking CBD in oils or capsules, you may have to wait a little before you can tell whether the desired effects are given by CBD. If you think you have to take a higher dose, you'll be able to take more and wait again, which can be frustrating.


    Vaping CBD is customizable

    Not everybody wants to drink CBD capsules or apply high-profile CBD oil to their diet or beverages. Since you can choose to take your CBD vape oil from hundreds of delicious varieties, you can be sure to get one that you'll really enjoy taking. Only make sure you only use the best CBD vaping oil, with commonly recognized as healthy flavoring agents, as there are many companies offering low credibility goods, some with little to no CBD.


    Vaping can also be a convenient way to make CBD part of your daily routine. CBD vape oil does not smell like cannabis. So if you are concerned about being noticed when taking CBD, vaping can be more discreet.

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  • Benefits of vaping: all the facts you should know

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    Benefits of vaping: all the facts you should know

    Discover the main advantages of saying a final goodbye to traditional tobacco
    If you have noticed, it is increasingly common to go down the street and see people vaping.

    This is a sign that, in the face of the great initial ignorance about the electronic cigarette, the world of vaping is normalizing and we are no longer seen as 'weirdos' (or not so much).



    Smoking or vaping?
    Advantages of vaping

    But besides this, what is really interesting is that we are more informed and, therefore, able to turn a deaf ear to the comments that dismiss the e-cig as being, to put it in some way, the very devil.

    Here are some of the main differences between smoking and vaping, looking at their pros and cons.

    Smoking or vaping?

    We start with the most fundamental: the substance that is inhaled.

    With the traditional cigarette, what is inhaled is a smoke that is created from the combustion of hundreds of substances and additives that make up tobacco. While in the case of the vape, the vapor that is produced by heating the so-called liquid for vaping is inhaled. This liquid undergoes an evaporation process that does not give rise to harmful substances in the atmosphere that can affect the people around, something that does happen with the cigar of a lifetime.

    The smoke that the cigarette gives off is even more harmful than the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

    Another notorious difference is related to inhaled smoke, but in relation to taste.

    As you already know, e-liquids do not contain tar, ammonia, or other components that are harmful to health and that are what the normal cigarette carries. And although there are aromas that are tobacco flavors, the reality is that we vapers have before us a universe of liquids : fruity, sweet, fresh… absolutely everything you can imagine!

    And one more thing that as a former smoker (or a smoker but with a view to switching to vaping) you will understand perfectly. Because that throat hit that you feel when smoking is one of the things you like the most, and the first thing that comes to mind is that this feeling is not going to give you the electronic cigarette, and nothing is further from the truth!

    When vaping, this feeling is practically identical, very very similar, no one should worry about this 

    The largest study on vaporizers recommends its use to stop smoking.

    Advantages of vaping

    After collecting the basic aspects that make vaping and smoking not even remotely the same, we are going to briefly detail some of the benefits that you should know, and that only reinforce what we just mentioned.

    • Recovery of smell and sense of taste.

    It's like rediscovering smells and flavors, a joy!

    • Improved and fresh breath.

    You will speak without fearing that your breath will stink and without always having to have gum or candy on hand to get you out of more than one hurry.

    • Whiter teeth.

    Over time, tobacco darkens and yellows the teeth. Yes, there are teeth whitening, but if you can avoid going through the dentist to maintain healthy and well-cared teeth, better than better, right?

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  • Why Should You Start Your Vaping Life With the Best-Selling E-Cigarette

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    Congratulations on deciding to go from smoking to vaping. Whether it is to dodge the many unfavorable effects of cigarettes on your health or to facilitate your quest to quit smoking, know that you are on the right track.


    However, taking that decision that many people have a difficult time with is just half the battle. After making up your mind to embrace a new habit, you still have to decide which tool is best for the job. With so many styles and features to choose from, you may find yourself daunted and confused. Fret not because the presence of numerous options can make you vape like a pro, keeping you from going back to your former routine.


    Because of their sheer popularity, there are tons of manufacturers of e-cigarettes these days. Many of these manufacturers offer an assortment of units that come in all shapes and sizes. Running out of a model to go for should be the least of your concerns.


    No matter which product you decide to go for, see to it that it is a best-seller. Such is the wisest step that anyone who just entered the world of vaping can take.


    Superb Vaping Experience


    It is a must to make sure that your initial vaping experience is enjoyable. Otherwise, you may end up reaching for a pack of cigarettes, signifying the premature end of your relationship with an e-cigarette. The first device you own should meet or surpass expectations.


    Because of this, it is of utmost importance to invest in an e-cigarette that sells like hotcakes. It is a best-seller because it is an excellent performer. Going for a unit that does not perform brilliantly can flush your money and dream of having a cigarette-free life down the drain in an instant. When shopping for an e-cigarette from a reliable vape shop, immediately head to where the best-selling products are.


    Easily Replaceable Parts


    One of the reasons why some e-cigarettes are more sought after than the rest is that they are hard-wearing. No one wants to own a unit that can conk out in the middle of vaping, especially if it is just several weeks or a few months old.


    It does not mean, however, that the top e-cigarettes are impervious to damage. Especially if you use your unit heavily or handle it roughly, it is likely for a part or two to fall apart. Fortunately, there is no need to replace the entire e-cigarette as you can simply purchase a replacement part. If your unit is a best-seller, you are not going to have a hard time finding the right replacement parts, whether from the manufacturer or a third-party vendor.


    Hassle-Free Unit Upgrading


    Replacing parts is not only for when a problem with the e-cigarette happens. You may also do so if you wish to improve the performance of your device. If what you own is a best-seller, upgrading it need not leave you scouring the vastness of cyberspace for hours.


    What's nice about the upgradability of an e-cigarette is that you don't have to buy another unit as your vaping habit grows or changes. Usually, all you have to do is replace a part with a better one. Because of this, you can keep the cost of vaping to a minimum. More importantly, you can save yourself from missing using a cigarette stick.

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