Ace Vape stock a number of Australian manufactured brands and e-liquids with a number of extremely popular flavours! Find your favourite vape juice either at our Carlton , Tullamarine Melbourne store or online now!


No, none of the vape juices we sell at Ace Vape Melbourne contain any nicotine. The sell of nicotine eliquids in Australia is prohibited by the TGA. ALL our vape juices contain 0% nicotine. We are unable to sell any with nicotine.

Most vape juices contain 3 key ingredients. The first one is propylene glycol (pg), the second one is vegetable glycerin (vg), and the last ingredient is flavouring. The pg / vg percentage is usually listed on the juice bottle.

Yes, some consumers can have an allergy to a particular ingredient.

Yes, any of our ejuice can be used in any vape device BUT this is not always optimal. If you are using a vape pen or pod, we recommend you go with a 50/50 PG VG ratio if possible. This allows for the wicking to work efficiently. If you are using a sub-ohm tank, usually a higher VG juice is preferred as this will minimize any leaks. The higher the VG, the more vicious the juice is. The higher the pg, the more “watery” the juice is.

This is up for debate but we feel that Australian eliquids are identical to American ejuices. The main ingredients typically come from the same vendors.