• CBD Oil Dosing Guide: How Much CBD Should You Take?

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    CBD Oil Dosing Guide: How Much CBD Should You Take?


    The CBD industry even though it is booming is still new, and some information can be confusing. Assuming that you already read a lot of articles about CBD and its benefits, we will focus on something specific. Our purpose here is to explain more about CBD oil dosage. What is the perfect CBD dosage? Is there any official recommendation for proper use? What are the steps I should take daily? The answers to these questions should be a helpful guide to you, and we tend to do that below.

    For a proper or for the right dosage you should take into account these factors:

    • Concentration of CBD
    • The body chemistry of the individual
    • Weight of the individual
    • The condition you want to treat

    How to find the right amount of CBD?

    These factors will give you more valuable information than feedback from friends or previous users. Because they are using CBD does not make them experts, nor does the recommendations from CBD companies. This drives us to a more secure option, our doctor, who can talk to us about appropriate usage and potential risks.

    Consulting your doctor is a must, especially if you are using other medications. In case your doctor does not give you any recommendation, it is a good way to start with a small dosage and then increase gradually. This will not only remove any risks of overdosing but also gives you the chance to find the perfect dosage that affects your body and mind best. When starting small, you will not feel an immediate change, because it means you have not reached the proper dosage yet. But, this should never make you stop chasing the benefits of using CBD. As a guide, it is best if you have 20 mg a day, and after a week increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue with this tempo until you feel the effects of CBD oil.

    What are the steps I should take?

    Since there is no official recommendation of CBD dosage we recommend you use some simple tips for that:

    1. Based on your body weight and the level of pain you should take 1 to 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. 1 to 6 may not be that accurate but it depends on the individual's pain. All of the CBD oil products have the percentage of CBD written in them. These products, these brands or companies also write usage recommendations.
    2. Even if your weight and level of pain are similar to any of your friends who are benefiting in the best way from CBD oil, you should start with a smaller dosage and increase the percentage gradually. This is because we are very different from each other. There is a very small chance that 2 friends have the same health history, same body chemistry, the same weight.
    3. Always consult your doctor or physician, especially if you suffer from any health disorder. Nowadays most doctors know a lot about CBD and can provide you with professional information about dosage.

    What happens when you use too much CBD oil?

    CBD does not contain THC which is another cannabis compound that has psychoactive effects on users. This means that those who use CBD products will not get addicted to it. CBD oil can be used daily in a controlled percentage. In fact, we recommend you keep a track of the milligrams of CBD used each day, week, or month. These stats and the effects you felt during the time will serve as a guide for the future. Above we wrote about the steps to find the perfect or proper dosage of CBD. Once you reach your beneficial dose, it does not make sense to use more than that. In conclusion, taking more than you need is unnecessary as it may cause unwanted results. 


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  • Learn to Mix E-Liquids – DIY

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     Learn to Mix E-Liquids – DIY

    Have you ever thought about mixing your e-liquid on your own? Then this is the right guide for you. But before we start, let's talk about what e-liquid entails.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about e-liquid, some people believe that e-liquid is different from e-juice and vape juice. No, they mean the same thing. Let's then get to the definition of e-liquid or whatever you wish to call it.

    E-liquid, which is also known as e-juice and vape juice, is a liquid that is converted by an e-cig into vapor. There is a whole lot of e-liquid that there is a plus there are various vaping that requires a different type of vape juice. Now let's take a look at e-liquid ingredients. 

    E-liquid ingredients

    So you might be thinking what the heck is an E-liquid ingredient or you might have heard people talk about vape pen flavours and vape concentrates. Any which way let’s talk about it.

    Propylene Glycol: This is also referred to as PG in the vaping community. It is found in our everyday product, starting from toothpaste to shampoo to medication and lots more.

    Vegetable Glycerin: It is also known as VG. VG is a thick viscous liquid that is extracted from palm plants. However, there are various ways to get vegetable glycerin, but the primary source is the palm plant.

    E-liquid Flavors: These flavours are always food-grade. However, not all food-grade will work in vape concentrates, e.g. some ingredients are not suitable for vaporization.

    Nicotine: They are considered to be an addictive substance, but this isn't necessary. You can add if you want to.

    With that said, let's get into the details of mixing your e-liquid by yourself.

    Steps by step process of mixing your e-liquid

    With many people getting into the market of doing it yourself (DIY) e-liquid making, I will walk you through an easy step by step guide to make your e-liquid from scratch.


    Step 1: What will you need

    •         Propylene Glycol
    •         Vegetable Glycerin
    •         Nicotine (handle with caution)
    •         Flavouring
    •         A Measuring Jug
    •         Syringes
    •         Gloves (for handling Nicotine)
    •         Empty bottles

    You can get all that’s listed above from e-liquid vendors.

    Step 2: Caution

    It should be noted that Nicotine has to be handled with utmost care. Please make sure you are on a glove when using Nicotine and if there is any spillage on your body, make sure you wash them thoroughly. If you feel unwell after this, make sure you visit a hospital.

    Another thing I will love to add is that if you have never been a smoker, I will advise you to leave Nicotine out of your mixes, remember I said it isn't compulsory.

    Step 3: Calculate your ingredients

    Now you are ready to do it yourself,

    1.     I will advise you to use this calculator so that you can know the number of ingredients needed.
    2.     Various E liquids brands have their spec, but for this article, I will make a 30ml that has a nicotine strength of 36ml. PG and VG are 70% and 30% respectively, and 5% E-liquid flavour.

    Does this look too complicated for you; you don't need to worry about yourself. Just click on the link above, and everything becomes easy.

    So, in this example, you will need Nicotine juice of 36 mg, which is 100% PG and approximately 13ml, PG diluent of 6.17ml, VG diluent of 9ml and flavour of 1.5ml.


    Step 4: Making your E-liquid

    •         Since we know the number of ingredients we are using now, let's get started.
    •         Put on your rubber gloves.
    •         Fill up your syringe and put the PG and VG into an empty bottle.
    •         Add the flavour and Nicotine (make sure these are added in last)
    •         Once you are done adding them in the bottle, put the lid and give it a thorough shake

     Note: You can leave it for a while to cool, but some people vape their E-liquid instantly

    You should know that your vaping devices range from E-cigarette which can be used for your E-cigarette liquid, vape pens and other advanced equipment. Vape pens flavours are numerous, and it depends on which one you are using. 

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  • Compatible Vape Glass for Tanks

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    If you have a broken glass, Ace Vape Melbourne has a list of compatible glasses.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Vape Cartridges

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    If you are considering an alternative to smoking a traditional cannabis cigarette, electronic cigarettes present an interesting alternative. Considered safer than regular cigarettes, this article explores everything you need to know about CBD vape cartridges and the devices used to enjoy them.

    We all know the harmful effects of inhaling toxins from smoking. However, electronic smoking, known as vaping, is considered the safest form of smoking. It is safer than regular cigarettes. and it became a very popular selection. for several smokers. CBD cigarettes – regular


    The main component of a cannabis electronic cigarette is the CBD vape cartridge. The cartridge has the appearance of a spongy, wet material. Depending on the cartridge, it may have been soaked in a flavored liquid. In addition to flavored liquids, the vape cartridge can also contain nicotine. The term used to describe the liquid combination in the CBD vape cartridge is e-liquid or e-juice. Electronic juice is what is converted to vapor when a smoker inhales an electronic cigarette.

    There are many different flavors used in electronic juices ranging from menthol, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and various fruit flavors. There are also varieties of CBD Vape Cartridges that contain only flavor juice and no nicotine. Cartridges are normally sold in packs of five and a single CBD vape cartridge is equivalent to a single pack of cigarettes. Also, some used cartridges can be refilled and reused.


    The most practical way to start using electronic cigarettes is by purchasing what is known as an electric cigarette kit. The kit contains all the items you will need to start vaping. They usually include the main part of the cigarette, a charger, a battery, and various e-cig rechargeable CBD-e vape cartridges. There are also e-cigarette kits that contain disposable vape cartridges. A word of advice: rechargeable kits are the most affordable as they can be reused.


    Electronic cigarettes are a better alternative to a regular cigarette. Compared to conventional cigarettes, e-cigs are quite different. There is no strong smoke and if it does not contain nicotine, the e-juice does not contain harmful toxins. Also, e-cigarettes aren't as expensive as the one-pack-a-day habit some traditional smokers have.


    There are several ways to care for your cigarette cartridges and e-cigarettes. The cartridges are packaged so that they have a reasonable shelf life. However, leaving your e-cig outside with a partially used cartridge is not good for the device, as the cartridge can dry out, making it unusable. You should keep the cartridges unused in their packaging or replace the end caps that come with them to prevent them from drying out. Cartridges are also more effective if they are fully connected to the battery.


    Flavor availability is an important factor to consider when choosing between disposable or rechargeable devices. There are a variety of flavors available, but some of them may not be available where you live. Before setting your heart to a specific flavor, you can explore which ones are accessible to you and whether or not they are always available.

    When you buy your electronic juice cartridge, remember that it may or may not contain nicotine. But even if there is, it will be much less than a traditional cigarette. Also, e-cigarettes do not contain many of the other toxins found in regular cigarettes. To be sure, always read the labels on the packaging of the CBD vape cartridges you are buying. That way, you will be fully aware of what you are getting. This will also help you learn more about the products and you will be able to make informed decisions.


    Electronic cigarettes are becoming a popular choice for smokers looking for a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. An e-cig kit provides all the major components you need to start vaping. CBD vape cartridges are available as disposable or refillable varieties and the best part is that they are available in various flavors. However, the winning quality is that vaping does not produce smoke, only steam, which is not harmful to you or the environment. And don't worry, this wouldn't take away from the experience, e-cig devices still give users the feeling of regularly smoking cannabis.

    If you've been searching for a method to cut down or quit smoking, vaping might be the answer. Not only is it safer than inhaling smoke, but it is also cheaper than regular cigarettes. In fact, they might even cost less than over-the-counter or over-the-counter medications to quit smoking. CBD electronic cigarettes are definitely worth exploring if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle.

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    The SMOK Nord 2 Pod Kit is the newest rendition to their repertoire. Small yet powerful, versatile and adjustable. The Smok Nord has been a personal favourite at Ace Vape Melbourne and across Australia. But many will wonder, what's the difference between the new Nord 2 and the original Nord. In this blog, we discuss the features of the SMOK Nord 2 and how it differs from the original SMOK Nord, as well as a comparison with the SMOK RPM40, which we found to carry very similar attributes.

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