Ace Vape Melbourne carries vape batteries from Samsung to suit most vape starter kits. Our most commonly used batteries are the Samsung 30Q 3000mAH and 40T also from Samsung that is 4000mAH. If you are looking for vape batteries, look no further than at Ace Vape!



Section 1 FAQs

There are 3 sizes to vape batteries, the 18650, 20700 and 21700.

The Efest 20700, Samsung 30Q (18650) and 40T (21700) batteries are the best batteries for vaping at the moment that are made specifically for vape devices.

Many experienced vapers might say the Sony VTC5As are the best battery for vapes due to it's high amp output. In 2016 however, Sony sent out a letter to all vape stores indicating that the Sony VTC5A was designed for use in power tools and any use in standalone products including electronic cigarettes constitutes and we quote from their letter "A dangerous misuse of the battery cells and poses a serious risk of personal injury or property damage". 

Since that information came out from the manufacturer Sony themselves, Ace Vape has stopped carrying the Sony VTC5A batteries and have only sold vape specific Samsung batteries.

There are several lithium ion batteries available that will fit in a vape but there are only a handful that are manufactured specifically for vapes. Reputable brands include Samsung, Efest and Sony (only the VTC6 specifically). 

Ace Vape sells Samsung batteries for your vape at prices ranging from $12 up to $25 each depending on the size and model of the batteries. 

Battery cells in batteries do die over time and you'll start to see a significant drop in battery life for your vape. The average life span for vape batteries is about 1 to 1.5 years. Fast charging your batteries however can cause the batteries to die prematurely. In order to maximize the life span of your batteries, Ace Vape recommends a slow charge which is 1amp and under. 

You can accomplish this by charging your vapes through your laptop or a specific low amp wall socket charger. Your typical mobile phone charger from Samsung or Apple is 2.4 - 2.7 amps. Alternatively, you can pick up external battery chargers from EFEST, also available at Ace Vape to ensure you maximize the life span of your batteries.