The maker of the most flavourful Direct Lung tanks on the market. Freemax tanks are loved by many Australians and have been a staple of our customers at Ace Vape that are after nothing but the best vape products. Don't wait to find your new favourite tank today!



Section 1 FAQs

Freemax is an innovative vape manufacturer based in ShenZhen China. They were the first in the world to innovate the first dual vertical mesh coil as well as the world's first to create single, double, triple and quintuple mesh coils. Their patented diamond mesh designs are considered the best DTL tanks in the vaping world.

The best flavour producing Freemax tank absolutely has to be the Mesh pro. While Freemax offer several other tanks that are cheaper to maintain in terms of coil cost compared to the mesh pro, if it is flavour you are after then the Mesh pro is absolutely the one to buy. 

The Freemax mesh pro is the most popular despite its slightly more expensive coil cost. Our customers absolutely love the flavour delivery and production that you get from the Mesh pro.

Freemax is known to be one of the best and most reliable tanks in the vaping market. High quality construction alongside amazing vapour and flavour production in their patented design coils. Visit one of our Melbourne stores to find out why the Freemax tanks are so well loved.