Manufacturers of the toughest vape kits on the market! From leak proof RTAs to the toughest mods around.  Boasting their shock, water and dust resistance, GeekVape products are most certainly a lifestyle choice for the tough and rugged. Find your Geek Vape products at Ace Vape Melbourne today!

Section 1 FAQs

GeekVape has undeniably been providing vapers with high quality vape products since December 2015. GeekVape manufactures vape devices that boast an IP-67 military grade construction, built for extreme reliability with outdoor usage and accidental damage in a variety of day to day scenarios. Geek Vape devices are reinforced with extra protection to protect your device from dust, water and impacts to various degrees!

Geek Vape is undoubtedly one of the best vape brands on the market at the moment with their devices built for extreme durability. It also uses an AS chip that has extremely quick firing speeds, helping you attain maximum flavour with maximum durability!

GeekVape devices generally have the same controls as most other vapes. To turn the device on and off - 5 clicks of the fire button To go to menu to change your settings - 3 clicks of the fire button To scroll through your menu - the + and - buttons to adjust your power settings will scroll through your menu settings What wattage to set my vape to - These are limited by the coil you are using. All coils will have a power or temperature indication on them that says 30W - 45W as an example. Using your vape at settings different to what is indicated by your coil will cause the coil to burn out prematurely.