Ace Vape now stock IJOY products! Picking from their very best vape devices, we carry the products most requested by our customers and are readily available at our two physical stores in Melbourne as well as our online store!


Section 1 FAQs

IJOY vape products focus on quality, speed, cost and responsibility to their customers. The company business philosophy helps us end users attain reliable and high quality vape products at reasonable cost. Ace Vape Melbourne also tests the vape products we bring in to ensure our customers have the best possible vape experience we can provide.

IJOY is an electronic cigarette manufacturer which is part of the IJOY Group. The IJOY group is based in China and have their place in multiple areas of technology including consumer electronics, artificial intelligence and renewable energy. This structure of companies and trickled down into their ability to research and develop some of the most innovative vape products in the industry compared to several other companies

  1. Remove batteries from your vape
  2. Connect the USB to your computer first
  3. Hold the fire button while connecting the other end of the USB to your vape
  4. Open the updating software for your IJOY
  5. Select the file for the software update
  6. Click update to begin update

Should there me no files available for your device, this would mean there is no updates for your ijoy vape.