Jam Monster is a highly sought after e-juice company from the United States.  Known for their delicious jam toast butter flavor, Jam Monster has now arrived in Melbourne.  If you are a fruit vape juice fan, Jam Monster has introduced Fruit Monster.  Get your Jam monster vape liquids or fruit monster e-liquids at Ace Vape Melbourne today.


Section 1 FAQs

Jam Monster Vape juice. Jam monster from Monster Vape Labs is from Orlando Florida in the United States. They craft amazing vape flavours combined with strong fruit jam flavours spread on buttery toast. They are available with blackberry, strawberry, grape, blueberry, raspberry, mixed berry and occasionally release a limited edition flavour which has in the past been peanut butter and strawberry jam monster. All Jam monster juices sold at Ace Vape contain zero nicotine.

At Ace Vape Melbourne we take notice of which flavours our customers love the most. Our most popular Jam monster flavours has been the Grape Jam monster and Strawberry Jam monster. For a limited time, peanut butter and strawberry jam was also extremely sought after by our customers!

Jam monster vape juice is made by Monster Vape labs based in Orlando Florida in the United States. Manufactured at their own manufacturing facility also based in Orlando Florida, each Jam monster bottle is manufactured with the utmost of quality assurance.

Jam monster vape liquidJam monster vape juice

Jam monster is known among vapers to be a coil killer. The sweeter the juice the faster the coils get burnt. Jam monster juices tend to offer maximum flavour and are extremely sweet which will most definitely shorten the life span of your coil, even with RDAs or RTAs.