Vape pods and pens are becoming the latest go to vape device for Australians.  These small and pocket friendly vape pods are the perfect kit for those looking for an alternative to smoking.  Similar to the JUUL, most of them are inhale activated and do not require little maintenance.  Just fill and go.  Now available online, in our Melbourne and Tullamarine store.


Vape pods have been growing in popularity due to the JUUL. They are small and compact compared to traditional vape kits. They are shaped more like a cigarette and much easier to use. A lot of these pods or pens are inhale activated (no button needed). If you are looking for a good easy to use vape, why not check our the Vladdin. It is refillable and inhale activated. One charge will last you all day.

Ace Vape Melbourne has a wide range of vape pods for any needs. Our vape pods range from $30 - $60. Each vape pod kit contains the unit itself, USB charger and pod. This is all you need to get started. You will need to replace the pods once every couple of weeks. In general, a typical vaper spends roughly $20 a month on replacement pods.

These vape pods and pen are ideally suited for juice that is 50/50 pg vg ratio. While this is not required, it will help extend the life of the pods. Juices that are higher in VG will cause the pod to not last as long. The reason is because VG is more viscous and make it harder to wick the juice. Most vape juice will list the pg vg ratio on the bottle. So the answer is Yes but it is not ideal.

There are a couple of major differences between a vape pod and a normal vape kit. The first thing is ease of use. Vape pods are like the JUUL, you just inhale. You do not need to adjust any settings or fiddle with the coils. Just fill and use. Another advantage is that it vapes more like a cigarette. Most vape pods are what we call mouth-to-lung (MTL). They produce smoke or vape that resembles more like a cigarette.