What does RTA stand for? Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

RTAs are ideal for Australians that want a low cost vape tank. RTAs do require more time and effort in order to rebuild but the upkeep costs are simply the price of pre-made coils / wires and cotton which generally last at least six months and will cost a maximum of $30.  

RTAs are the most ideal for vapers that enjoy extremely sweet vape juices that cause the coils to burn out much quicker in regular vape tanks. 


Section 1 FAQs

RTAs is a rebuildable tank atomizer that consist of a length of spiraled wire as your vape coil and cotton which is threaded through the coil. RDAs (Rebuildable dripping atomizer) work in a similar way with the exclusion of a tank. 

Since the coils can be cleaned and reused for several months, RTAs are generally much cheaper to maintain in terms of cost compared to regular vape tanks. 

Hellvape Destiny

Rebuildable tank atomizers also known as RTAs work in a similar manner as conventional vape tanks. A rebuildable coil with organic cotton strung through the middle to absorb your eliquids and drawing juice from a tank which is refilled. Rebuildable Dripping atomizers do not have a tank and require you to drip your e-juice into the cotton every handful of vapes. RDAs do not have a tank and require you to manually put juice onto the cotton. This can be done manually by dripping juice directly onto the cotton or with squonk vape mods that have a bottle in a vape mod which allows you to manually pump juice into your RDA. RDAs have to be compatible with squonk mods in order to do this.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but in our opinion, the RTA is better.

RDTAs work in a similar way as an RDA with the addition of a tank. However, RDTAs are a lot more prone to leaking compared to an RTA. Top airflow RTAs such as the Dead Rabbit  minimize majority of the leaking issues faced by RTA users. With a mostly direct airflow, the flavour delivered by the RTA is very marginally poorer than the RDTA with the added convenience of minimal leakage.

RDAs are better in terms of flavor compared to tanks. The general rule for vaping is the shorter of path traveled between the coil and your mouth, the stronger the flavour. That being said, dripping does come with an added inconvenience of having to manually drip juice into the RDA every few puffs. The introduction of squonk vape devices has essentially removed all the inconvenience associated with dripping. 

Overall, we would definitely say dripping is better than tanks ONLY if you have a squonk mod such as the Topside Lite.