Uwell is becoming a highly sought after vape brand world wide.  They started with vape tanks and then moved into the vape pod space. Such popular releases as the Caliburn is making them a household vape name.  See why Uwell is so loved.


Uwell is a company based in China founded in 2015. They quickly rose to fame with their amazing devices which offered both ease of use and high quality flavour delivery. They have quickly become one of the most successful and innovative vape companies while still retaining their affordable prices.

A coupe of red flags can be noticed if the pods being sold are fake. Caliburn pods generally cost between 19 - 24 dollars depending on your retailer. At Ace Vape Melbourne, Caliburn pods cost $22. If you are purchasing Caliburn pods that cost well below the general selling price, there is a chance that your pods might be fake.

All genuine Caliburn pods also come with an authenticity code on the inside of the box that can be used on the Uwell website to check if your Caliburn pods are a genuine item.

Lifespan of your pods can vary based on several factors:

• Juices - Extremely sweet juices drastically shorten the life span of your pods.
• Vaping style - Vapers who tend to have much longer inhales than the average user will burn out the pods much quicker
• Priming the pod - Not allowing the pods enough time to absorb your e-liquid will cause your pod to burn out prematurely.
On average, pods on the crown can vary and last between 3 days up to 2 weeks caused by the several factors listed above.

The Nunchaku 2 is a gyroscope controlled device, hence the lack of buttons on the machine. To change the settings, you have to quickly press the firing button 3 times. At this point, your screen should light up with an option to select by pressing the firing button once. To scroll through the various settings, simply tilt the device left or right and the gyroscope will scroll through it's menu for you.

Leaks in tanks can be caused by several issues. It is hard to narrow it down to just one issue but as a start, a visual inspection of your seals and o-rings around the tank to determine if there are any tears in any of the rubber seals. A tank that is not sealed properly causes excessive juice to absorb into the coil and leak out the air flow.

• Juice viscosity - A thin juice tends to start leaking from your air flow holes much quicker than thicker juices. Ace Vape recommends 70VG/30PG ratios in your e-juices to minimise leaking issues. 50VG/50PG juices can be more watery in nature and absorb too quickly into the coil causing leaks.

• Burnt coil - A burnt coil acts in a similar manner as a burnt sponge, with its material burnt, it becomes stiff and is unable to hold e-liquids in the manner it used to.