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The Vaptio brand is an American based company established in Seattle in 2014. Their constant innovation has brought Ace Vape customers some of the quickest firing mods on the market. They are also one of the first manufacturers to introduce the Mesh coil that has revolutionised vaping as we know today. Find your Vaptio product at Ace Vape now!


Section 1 FAQs

Vaptio is a vape manufacturer based in the USA. Founded in 2014, they have been constantly pushing the boundaries in creating new vape technology  to bring their users high quality vape gear. Before most brands started using mesh coils in their vape coils, Vaptio was one of the pioneers in the Paragon tank.

Most of Vaptio tank's are top fill with the exception of the tyro. Their tanks also have an anti-spill seal to prevent liquid from pouring out should you tip the tank over by accident. Grabbing just the top cap of your tank, twist in a counter clockwise position in order to unscrew the fill cap. With the nozzle on your e-liquid bottle, push through the rubber seal to fill your tank up. 

Most Vaptio tanks utilize a conventional tank design that are multi-fit with various other brands of coils. With changing the coil, grab the tank and the metal base of the tank and twist in a counter clockwise direction.

The Vaptio tyro is a side fill vape pen that is has a fairly unconventional design. 
  • Filling up your e-liquids - Twist the top cap until the section that shows a Vaptio logo becomes a fill slot for your e-liquids
  • Changing the coil - Grabbing the glass, twist in a counter clockwise direction to unscrew the entire tank. The coil also unscrews in a counter clockwise direction. Reverse that entire process to put the tank back together
  • Turning the power on/off - click the fire button 5 times in quick succession.