Vladdin has constantly produced high quality e-cigarette products for consumers. With the Vladdin RE Pod system, the replication of an vape device feeling like a cigarette has been second to none. Coupled with amazing flavour, its your turn to find out why the Vladdin is a best seller at Ace Vape.



The Vladdin pods typically last one to two weeks on consistent use. This depends on how frequent you are using the pod and the viscosity of the juice. The higher the VG the juice, the quicker the pod dies. You will know when to replace it once the flavours taste "burnt". Ace Vape carries 50/50 pg vg vape juices made for pods. If you are looking for more pods, Ace Vape sells the Vladdin replacement pods.

The Vladdin on typical use will last you all day. The Vladdin comes with a built-in 350mAh battery. To recharge it takes typically 3 hours on a .5amp charger.

Yes, the Vladdin RE is refillable. Make sure it is the RE version (refillable). All you need to do is remove the black top and the rubber insert. Once removed, insert your vape juice into the smaller outter holes. Make sure you wait at least 5 minutes before using the device. This allows the pods to soak up the vape juice.

Being that this is a pod, thicker ejuice can degrade the life of the pods pretty fast. Ace Vape recommends using 50/50 pg vg ejuice. Why not give Ace Vape pods ejuice a try!