This is for users looking for a vaping experience that replicate more of a cigarette feeling. The concept of MTL tanks/kits are so that when users inhale the vapour, it goes into your mouth first then into your lungs. To the eye, an MTL tank has a more narrow mouth piece in order to restrict the amount of vapour being taken in and this is how one would generally distinguish between a Mouth to lung tank and a Direct to lung (DL) tank. For people wanting to make the transition from smoking to vaping, MTL is our recommended setup to go with because users find it more similar to what they're used to. 

The key features to an MTL set up is that it runs on low power, therefore consuming less juice and also be able to have a longer battery life (with the right set up).



Section 1 FAQs

Mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping refers to the style of which you vape. Mouth to lung is a more restricted, cigarette type feeling where it requires a harder inhale and the vapour goes into your mouth before you bring it to your lungs with another inhale. Direct to lung works more in the manner that a shisha or a bong does, where the vapour production is so much and the looseness of the inhale is so easy the vapour goes straight into your lungs.

Ace Vape carries a range of MTL vapes, ranging from pods to tanks. What device is suitable for you is specific to each customer, depending on your regularity of use, preferred vapor production or desired flavour delivery. Come into one of our stores in Melbourne Victoria for our lovely staff to help you find your most compatible vape. 

Mouth to lung vapes require a harder inhale. So on the first inhale of your vape, the vapour will be trapped in your mouth. In order to bring it to your lungs, would require you to take a second and deeper inhale without your vape.

Mouth to lung vapes give the user a feeling of familiarity, useful for long time smokers that are attempting to use vaping as the means of quitting smoking. That feeling of familiarity will allow the user to feel the same sort of inhale sensations as you would from a cigarette.