Aspire is a company that was established in 2013 and has managed to find its place in the vaping community by continuously innovating high quality products. Ace Vape has always carried Aspire products with the belief of supplying top quality products at affordable prices to our customers in Melbourne. Find your Aspire Vape today!


Without a doubt, Aspire is one of the largest vape brands in the world. Aspire is known for having some of the best vape products on the market. Their election of vape products range from small vape pods, vape pens, single and dual battery and much more. Aspire has a product for all different types of vapers. You can see why Aspire is one of the biggest vape companies in the world. Ace Vape is proud to introduce new vapers in Australia to Aspire.

Aspire is known for their mouth-to-lung vape tanks. They started it off with the Nautilus. This tank was ideal for those looking to start vaping. It does not generate smoke like some of the other tanks. The experience was more similar to a cigarette which people loved. The tank is conservative on juice consumption which lowers the cost of ownership and also does not leak. Aspire has now created multiple versions of the Nautilus for current and future ex-smokers.

There are two main reasons why this could be happening. The first reason is that the coil is not tightly screwed into the base of the tank. Make sure you screw it on finger tight. If it is loose, there is no connection made and can cause the error. The second reason is a faulty coil. Unfortunately, coils are factory produced and can sometimes be off. We recommend you switching the coil to see if it resolves the issue.