Ace Vape Melbourne sells a variety of different vape box mods for your vape.  We sell single, dual and built-in box mods for all types of atomizers (vape tanks).  Box mods are popular because they have variable wattage and can be adjusted to your specific vape preferences.  We sell all the popular and best vape box mods on the market.


Vape box mods are very versatile. Generally speaking, people who vape prefer box mods because of the variable wattage, temperature control, and battery life. Box mods can hold multiple batteries and thus have a longer use time. Some tanks require a specific wattage for optimal use and these box mods can do the job well.

Ace Vape sells the best vape brands in the world. We have all different types of box mods for your specific use. If you are looking for something small, we sell single battery box mods. If you are looking for a high wattage heavy hitting unit, we also sell dual or multiple battery box mods.

Box mods are very simple to use. Don’t let the bright lights and screen fool you. All you need to do is adjust the wattage or temperature control for these box mods. The wattage parameter is dictated by the tank (laser etched on the coil). If you are look closely at the coil, it should give you a recommended wattage or temperature setting. If you are follow these recommendations, you are golden.

No, box mods are just the box mod instead of a full starter kit. Some vapers like to customize their vape experience so they can mix and match. All box mods use a standard 510 thread. You can put most of the vape tanks on the market with these box mods. Some users like a particular vape brand tank and prefer another brand box mod. You will also need to purchase a battery with these box mods. NO matter