If you are new to vaping, a Vape starter kit is a perfect setup.  Vape Starter kits comes with everything you need to start vaping (except for vape juice).  They include all the hardware needed.   Ace Vape Melbourne sells a variety of different types of vape starter kits (vape pods,  vape pens, single and dual battery).


Yes and No, this depends on the vape starter kit. Vape starter kit typically includes the device, coils, user manual and charger. Sometimes it requires a battery (we will advise so in the description). You will also need vape juice.

This really depends on the type of kit you are after. Generally speaking, there is two types of kits: Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL). MTL are more like cigarettes and DL is more like shisha inhales. MTL are a tighter draw and DL are a stronger with a lot of vape.

Yes, Ace Vape Melbourne has two vape stores in Australia. We are located in Carlton (2KM from Melbourne CBD) and one at Tullamarine (next to Melbourne airport). We recommend you stop by our vape stores so you can see in-person how it feels and learn more about it.

This depends on the kit you are after. Ace Vape Melbourne has kits ranging from $30 dollars to $300 dollars. Keep in mind that the more expensive the vape kit is does not mean the better it is. For some, a $30 dollar vape kit is enough for them to make the switch.

In Australia, vaping can save you a substantial amount of money compared to traditional cigarettes. After the initial cost of purchasing the vape and juice, you will have a monthly maintance of coils (generally $15 - $20 dollars).