Ace Vape Melbourne sells the most popular vape pod replacement pods in Australia.  If your pod is burnt up, we have you covered.  We carry all the top brands such as Uwell, Aspire, Geekvape and more.  Free shipping on all orders over $60 across Australia.


Typically, a vape pod can last anywhere between one to two weeks (depending on use). Eventually the cotton inside the pod is burnt which causes a burnt dry flavour. Try to use 50/50 pg vg juice which helps extend the life of the pod.

No, not all pods are refillable. In Australia, most vape pods are refillable as nicotine is illegal. But there are pods that are disposable or one time use. Please make sure you read the vape description to ensure that the pods are refillable. All vape pods sold at Ace Vape are refillable.

No, most vape pods are not interchangeable. There is a small exception to this rule but it is not common. For example, If you purchase the Uwell Caliburn pod, it is not compatible with the Vladdin. Make sure you select the right pod for your vape.

If you are using a new pod, make sure you wait at least 5 minutes before using it for the first time. This is what we call “priming”. This allows for the cotton in the pod to soak up the ejuice. There is no way to get ride of the burnt taste. You will need to use a new pod.