Innokin was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating the best vape products in the world. They most definitely have come pretty close with their Mouth to lung vape products. Innokin has been synonymous with the MTL vapers that appreciate their high quality designs and construction of all their products. Ace Vape Melbourne customers have also loved Innokin products for several years now and we are sure they will continue to with the constant innovation and improvements by the company!


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Innokin have created some of the most popular mouth to lung vape kits here at Ace Vape Melbourne. Their ever popular Zenith tank is still a hit with many of our customers for its wonderful flavour delivery and high quality construction. They recently launched the Zlide that uses the same coils as the Zenith, giving the same wonderful delivery but solving the Zenith's key complaint. The new Zlide allows for replacement glasses but still retains the Zenith's partially shielded metal casing. 

It's not just their tanks that have been popular, they also manufacture high quality reliable mods, albeit slightly chunkier with comparable mods such as the Adept. The reason is because its designed with an IP67 shock, water and dust resistance. They also are the manufacturers for the extremely popular T20S pen type vapes. As a whole, Innokin is a brand to definitely look at if MTL vaping is what you enjoy. 

Ace Vape highly recommends the Zenith tank paired with any mod of your choice, the T20S pen vape for the users after something small and compact. The Adept box mod with Zlide tank has been very sought after by vapers with a rough and rugged lifestyle for its shock, water and dust resistance.

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These vape coils vary based on user vaping style, juice you are using and frequency of use. Coils generally have a life span ranging from 3 days up to 2 weeks with duration depending on the individual using it. You will be able to tell when to change your coils by

  1. Taste - A burnt cotton taste that tastes like you are licking an ash tray.
  2. Leaking - Burnt coils tend to leak a lot more 
  3. Visual inspection - looking into your coil where the cotton is normally white. If the colour be completely black, it is probably time to change your coil

Innokin was founded in 2011 an is an electronic cigarette / vape company that manufactures high quality vape products. Most of their products are catered to the MTL market and is where they found their popularity. 

Innokin currently has 29 invention patents and 98 design patents. They are a company based in ShenZhen with a 10,000 m² factory and is constantly on the forefront of innovation in vaping.