Where can I get nicotine?


Please be sure to get your doctors prescription before ordering nicotine.

Due to the restrictions in Australia with regards to getting nicotine locally. Nicotine liquid must be sourced from overseas vendors. We've provided a link below from a New Zealand vendor. Using New Zealand vendors are preferred for faster delivery.

Recommendations on where to get nicotine

Choosing Nicotine.

When choosing nicotine, we recommend getting 100mg Nicotine base. 100mg of nicotine may sound very daunting, but please bare in mind that 100mg nicotine is not made to be vaped straight (and should never be), it is used to mix into your favourite flavoured e-liquids to create a desired strength, without diluting the flavour.

Please note: 100mg/ml is the strongest nicotine strength you can legally import under the new TGA enforced law. 

In the table below, we have put together an easy way to mix nicotine into your e-liquid bottle. 

Common E-liquid bottle sizes

30 ml

50 ml

60 ml

100 ml

120 ml

Nicotine strength

3 mg

0.9 ml

1.5 ml

1.8 ml

3 ml

3.6 ml

6 mg

1.8 ml

3 ml

3.6 ml

6 ml

7.2 ml

8 mg

2.4 ml

4 ml

4.8 ml

8 ml

9.6 ml

12 mg

3.6 ml

6 ml

7.2 ml

12 ml

14.4 ml

16 mg

4.8 ml

8 ml

9.6 ml

16 ml

19.2 ml

18 mg

5.4 ml

9 ml

10.8 ml

18 ml

21.6 ml


NOTE: Measurements are based on 100mg Nicotine strength, weaker nicotine content will require adding more nicotine.

When choosing your desired strength, we normally recommend basing your choice on which cigarettes you usually smoke. For example, if you smoke Winfield Blue, these are a 12 mg cigarette, therefore we would suggest you vape a step down from this, such as 6 – 8 mg nicotine strength. The important thing to be mindful of is vaping delivers nicotine a lot more efficiently then a cigarette does, even though you may smoke a 12 mg cigarette, vaping at 12 mg would be very harsh and unpleasant to some people.

Which nicotine strength is suited for my vape?

While everyone is different, and different people will prefer different nicotine strengths. We generally recommend that users that prefer a high nicotine content (nicotine strengths of 8 mg and above) vape at a lower power level. We refer a low power setting as vaping between the ranges of 8-25 watts. Users that like vaping at a higher power setting, 3-6 mg strength is generally the ideal vaping range. The rule of thumb is the higher the nicotine content then the lower the power setting and the lower the nicotine content then the higher the power setting. 

Please be mindful that vaping is completely subjective to the individual. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another person. It may take some time to find your own personal preference of nicotine strengths.

What is Nicotine SALT?

Nicotine SALT is a different form of nicotine compared to the usual freebase nicotine, it is formed naturally from leaf tobacco. Traditional freebase nicotine, when vaped at higher levels, is very harsh on the user’s throat. Nicotine SALTS is much smoother and enjoyable compared to freebase nicotine.

We generally recommend users use Nicotine SALT over freebase Nicotine because it is much smoother and can help subdue your cigarette cravings a lot quicker.

Safety, Handling and Storage of Nicotine

When handling nicotine, please handle with care, we recommend wearing rubber gloves and avoid contact to skin, if you do get nicotine on your skin, rinse off immediately and wash down with soap.

Nicotine should be stored in cool place away from direct sunlight. Storing nicotine in a fridge or freezer is most ideal to guarantee nicotine integrity. Nicotine left out in a hot or warm place or in direct sunlight should no longer be used.