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by Khoa Nguyen 04 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Kingtons is a leading dry herb vaporiser brand based out of Shenzhen.  Founded in 2009, they have been a leading manufacturer in vaping products.

In 2012 with just 3 years of experience, Kingtons was on the leading edge of micro-electronic technology in vaporizers.  They become the leaders in high quality materials and efficient architecture.  

With over 500 skilled employees and 20 production lines, Kingtons is able to meet the demands of markets all over the globe.  

Kingtons currently has a wide range of disposable vapes and dry herb vaporizers.  Some of their top sellers include the Kingtons BLK Black Widow and Black Mamba.

Kingtons office

Our latest dry herb kit that landed in Melbourne is the Black Widow.  Dry herb vaporizers are not cheap, until now.  There are a variety of new products on the market for less than $100 dollars.  We strive on providing the best dry herb products at the best prices in Melbourne and Australia.

Kingtons Black Widow

Reasons why we like the Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer.

It holds about half a gram of botanicals and comes with a separate pod for concentrates.  The device is well-made especially for the price point.  

Even though there are no LCD displays, there are bright LED lights that tell you the temperature.  Sometimes simple is better.  

The unit has a ceramic chamber which ensures maximum results.

Flexible Temperature Settings

The Black Widow has 5 preset temperature options.  It ranges from 365°F (185°C), 374°F (190°C), 392°F (200°C), 410°F(210°C) and finally 420°F(215°C).  

We generally recommend you use 374°F(190°C), 392°F(200°C) or 410°F(200°C) for botanicals.  

To swtich between the different temperatures, use the button on the front of the unit and hold the button down for 3 seconds to switch between the different heat settings.  While heating up, the indicator light will flash red and will turn green once it’s reached the desired temperature.

Conduction Heating

Like other high end portable dry herb devices such as the PAX, the black window uses conduction heating.  Conduction transmits heat directly to the heating element.  This exposes the botanicals directly to the high heat required to vaporize the elements.

Conduction heating of botanicals have the following benefits:

Fast ramp-up time:  It takes roughly 30 seconds for the Black Widow to be ready.

Temperature Control:  This allows you to personally set your desired temperature.


The chamber holds roughly half a gram of material which is pretty standard for the industry.  The kit also comes with an insert for waxes.  

The tip is made of metal.  This ensures that it is durable and also conducts heat better than plastic or glass.

Here are some tips on how to clean the Black Widow chamber.

For general cleaning, the kit comes with a brush where you can use to remove botanicals from the chamber.

For deep cleaning, use a cotton swab to remove pesky residue.  ISO can be used to wipe the outer part of the chamber or cartridge.

How to fill the chamber.

Step 1.  Take off the mouthpiece

Step 2.  Fill the chamber with (VERY IMPORTANT) slightly compress herbs.  Use the packing tool provided in the box.

Step 3.  Make sure the chamber is not overfilled.  Kingtons recommends around ⅔ of the chamber with botanicals.  

Black Widow Chamber

Battery Life

The Black Widow has a built-in international 2200mAh battery.  It will take roughly 3 to 4 hours to charge using a micro-usb cable (included in the unit).  To ensure the longevity of the battery, we do not recommend fast charging it.  The slower the charge the better the health of the battery is.  We recommend plugging it into a .5amp or below charger.  If one is not available, use a USB port of a computer or device.  

Fully charged, you should expect around 60 minutes of continuous usage.  

Keep in mind that the Black Widow shuts off after 5 minutes.  Click on the front button 5 times to turn it back on.  This ensures that it conserves the battery for the next session.

When the battery is under 25%, you will get a red light notification.  When the unit is fully charged, the indicator light will display green.

Black Widow Temp Settings

Black Widow Size

Just weighing in at 190grams, this unit is light and portable.  It stands 128mm tall and 44mm wide.  Fits easily in your pocket and great for on the go sessions.

Here is a guide on how to use the Black Widow

Step 1:  Fully charge the unit before use.  While this is not necessary, you do not want to be out with mates and have the unit die mid-use.  This Black Widow comes partially charged.  

Wait for the front light indicator to show green to know that the unit is fully charged.

Step 2:  If you are using botanicals, grind the botanicals so the fibers are course and not fine.  Once it has been grinded, pack the chamber ⅔ of the way with the push rode provided in the box.  Make sure you only slightly compress the botanical.

If you are using concentrates, please use the concentrate chamber.

Step 3:  Turn on the Black Widow by pressing the front button 5 times.  Once on, select your desired temperature by pressing the button 3 times.  We recommend you stay between 374°F(190°C), 392°F(200°C) or 410°F(200°C).  

Step 4:  Wait about 30 seconds and the light will turn green letting you know that the device is ready to vape.  

Step 5:  Vape and enjoy the session.  

Unboxing video of the Black Widow @ Ace Vape Melbourne in Tullamarine.

Here is the actual Kingtons Black Widow instruction manual from BLK. 

Black Widow Manual 1
Black Widow Manual 2
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