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Vladdin - The Pod Vape specialist

by Ben Wong 31 Oct 2020 0 Comments


Ever heard the saying, you can be the jack of all trades but master of none? Vladdin is the exact opposite of that saying. It is a company that started off manufacturing pod vapes and focused on one thing and one thing only. That is to manufacture the highest quality pod vapes at the most affordable cost to customers.

Vladdin founded in early 2018, around the same time that pod vapes started getting popular with the rise of the Juul. Their first product, the Vladdin RE pod starter kit was a huge success. Boasting better flavour delivery and longevity than the non-refillable Juul device. For over one and a half years, Vladdin sold only the RE device while collecting valuable feedback from their ever growing customer base. In July 2019, Vladdin started releasing a flurry of new products that pod users have asked for. Starting with a mesh coil AIO pod system and recognising the global demand of an even looser draw and better flavoured pod device, Vladdin launched the Vantage set to take on the Uwell Caliburn. 

Why was the Vladdin RE so popular

Vladdin RE pod device

The growing trend of using nicotine salts in your vape had consumers demanding for more pod devices. The RE pod device was designed and manufactured specifically for nicotine salts. Originally a prefilled pod that Australian’s had no access to, they moved towards a refillable 1.5ml pod which is larger than the 0.7ml pod of the Juul. This meant twice the duration before needing a refill allowing most users to have an entire day out with the pod device and not having to carry around a bottle of vape liquid. All this extra juice capacity only made the Vladdin 4 grams heavier than the Juul. The additional  bonus is the Vladdin device used a standard Type B USB cable that can be found in every household whereas the Juul required a specific charger that was hard to find within Australia should you have lost the charger.

The Vladdin RE also used a patented ceramic coil system which meant longer coil life with much better flavour from the RE over the Juul. Lastly, the Vladdin RE pod kit’s design also meant it was much more leak resistant compared to many pod devices. Gold plated magnets attached the pod to the device since gold is the best electrical conductor, Vladdin focused on ensuring its products were of extremely high quality. It was no wonder the Vladdin grew in popularity within Australia and especially with our Melbourne customer base.

Why the Vantage was so popular

Vladdin Vantage pod

Then came along the Vantage. The Caliburn was taking the pod vape world by storm with the Caliburn being the highest sold pod device in our store. The Caliburn offered a looser inhale and increased cloud production compared to the Juul or the RE and boasted much stronger flavour. We have done past blogs on why the Caliburn is amazing should you like to read up on it. However, the Vantage was designed to be a competitor to the Caliburn with a unique selling point. A world’s first hybrid system capable of using both mouth to lung pods or direct to lung pods. 

 You could use both the direct to lung loose draw pod or a mouth to lung restricted draw pod. The larger pod device also meant it had a larger battery capacity which allowed for more often and longer use before requiring a recharge through the day. The larger battery capacity was mostly designed for being able to provide more power to the 0.8 ohm direct to lung pod that fires at 15W but allowed for much better battery life when using the 1.2 ohm mouth to lung pod at 11W that was similar to the Vladdin RE. Vladdin carried forward their leak resistant pod design from the RE with very few leaking issues occurring with the Vantage

Vladdin also heard the complaints of vapers around the world regarding the problematic Type B USB charger and switched to a Type C USB charger. The Vantage device is home to a 700mAH battery manufactured by Samsung and a PCBA chip set guaranteeing quick firing times.

Why is lower resistance wanted in pod vaping?

A common trend has seen pod manufacturers designing pods that run lower resistance in recent months. The logic behind lower resistance relates to nicotine levels and how it is measured. Nicotine levels are measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) meaning how much nicotine is contained in 1 ML of eliquid. As an example, 50mg juices does not mean you are inhaling 50mg of nicotine with each puff but 50mg of nicotine only after 1 ml of juice is vaped. 

The lower the resistance, the more juice is vapourized and the more nicotine is inhaled. This allows the Australian user to use less nicotine in their juice and still experience the same sensations as strong nicotine e-juices in high resistance devices such as the Juul.

Why buy the new Vladdin Chopin

Vladdin Chopin pod vape

All of the past devices have led to Vladdin’s newest and most affordable pod device till date. The brand new Vladdin Chopin. Vladdin has taken everything they have learnt from the past devices and packaged it into a tiny handheld pod device that still holds 500mAH of battery capacity and a 1 ohm resistance in its pod. The connector pins within the pod are still gold plated for maximum conductivity, the pod itself has a slightly looser draw and larger cloud production that many vapers have asked for. 

Vladdin even states it in their tagline for the Chopin, “Our most cost effective device”. It has taken every bit of technology through their previous generations of pod devices and created the perfect little device that is handy, easy to carry around and most importantly, offers the same amount of quality and flavour as every other device manufactured by Vladdin. 

Find out why the Chopin needs to be your new pod device at our Ace Vape Carlton or Tullamarine stores today!

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