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Ace Vape Stores in Melbourne

by Joe 01 Apr 2020 0 Comments

Ace Vape Stores in Melbourne

In Australia, Ace Vape is a local vape shop in Melbourne.  Established in 2015, Ace Vape has been in business continuously for over 5 years.  Ace Vape’s main goal is to serve the local Australian vape community.   When Ace Vape opened shop, there were only a couple of vape stores in Victoria.  Since its inception, the primary goal was to provide great customer service with a wide selection of vape products and vape juice.  We wanted to excel expectations when you visit a vape shop.  The store was created with a chill vibe where customers can enjoy the purchasing experience.

Instead of dull fluorescent lights, we went with warm natural lights for a better vape buying experience.  Local art was done on the walls as a mural to promote artists from the surrounding area.  Many years in, many people were looking for a vape store near them in Tullamarine.  We decided to open up the second vape store near the Melbourne Airport.   The vape store in Tullamarine services the locals who did not want to drive into the Melbourne city vape store. 

Our vape store addresses in Australia

Carlton vape shop:

110 Elgin St, Carlton VIC 3053 Australia

Carlton hours:

Monday – Friday:  11 am – 7 pm

Saturday: 11 am – 6 pm

Sunday:  12 pm – 5 pm

Ace Vape Melbourne address

Tullamarine vape shop:

1/22 Garden Drive, Tullamarine VIC 3043 Australia

Tullamarine hours:

Monday – Friday:  10:30 am – 6:30 am

Saturday:  10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday:  Closed

Ace vape store tullamarine

If you are coming from Melbourne Uni, get on tram route 1 or 6 and get off on stop 112 (Lygon st).  Walk up Elgin street and we are on the corner and Elgin and Rathdown near the BP petro station.

Melbourne Uni to Ace Vape

Why go to a vape shop instead of online?  Great question.

We wanted to give users a full experience when purchasing a vape starter kit or device.  Unfortunately vaping is not as straight forward as smoking a cigarette.  People are accustomed to pulling out a dart and lighting it up.  Simple as that.  Vaping requires a bit more to get started (especially in Australia with our strict rules and regulations).  This can be challenging for some customers.  There is plenty of information online to learn about vaping.  There are a variety of youtube channels, blogs, and community vape groups on Facebook or Reddit.  The issue with this is that there can be too much information.  You can spend days if not weeks reading up on vaping and still not understand.  We wanted a place where you can go and ask questions, learn and get expert advice.  There is no such thing as the perfect vape device.  They are all different and cater to different needs, experience and expectations. 

Our expert staff is trained to listen to the customers' specific requirements so we can recommend the ideal unit for them.  The sale process does not end there.  We also help set up the unit for the customer and show them how it works, what you should do when you need to change the parts and what to look out for.  We found that a well-informed customer has a better chance of sticking with vaping than turning back to smoking traditional analog cigarettes.  We’ve seen it time after time where a customer buys a vape product that does not fit their needs. This will turn them off vaping completely.  This is one of the biggest differences between buying a vape product online vs buying in the store.

Ace Vape online

Ace Vape online store

If customers are unable to visit our vape stores in Carlton and Tullamarine, Ace Vape Melbourne offers an online store.  All our products in-store are also offered on the internet.  Customers just need to visit to view our selection of vape products and vape ejuices.  We’ve focused a lot on the online user experience.  Our website is desktop and mobile-friendly.  Website response time is one of the best in the vape industry.  We have a variety of vape deals exclusive to our online vape customers.  We provide fast and free shipping for any orders above $60.  If they require the product the next day, we also offer express shipping via Australian post (if the order is lodged before 12 pm).  We are hosting our website on Shopify which is a powerful online platform.  This guarantees a fast online vape shopping experience.  Users automatically get an email with the order and tracking notification straight into their inbox.  For those customers with spotty internet, we also offer phone orders.  Just give us a call on 0488 383 842 so you can place your order.

Our online vape store has exclusive deals offered to new and current customers.  We are offering a bulk and save deal with all Australian vape juices.  The more you buy, the more you save.  Add points to your online account with Ace Rewards.  Our online vape reward system gives you points with every purchase.  You can redeem these points for coupons and discounts.

So no matter where you live in Australia, there is always our online vape shop near you.  We ship to all the states and territories in Australia.  No matter how much you order or where you live in Australia, the shipping rates are the same.

Vape stock

vape stock melbourne

Whether you are at the vape shop or online, Ace vape strives to bring you the best vape products from around the world.  We carry a wide range of popular vape brands.  Some of these top brands include: Aspire, Kangertech, Smok, Eleaf, Voopoo, Uwell, Vaptio, Smoant, Lost Vape, Horizentech, Vaporesso, Dovpo and many more.  Our stock constantly is updated.  On the vape website, we have a new item selection so customers can quickly view what is new and in stock. 

Beyond the hardware, we also carry a wide range of vape juice.  Half our stock is from local Australian vendors and the other half are international vape juice vendors.  We carry hits such as Jam Monster, Naked 100, Charlie Chalk Dust, Vape Wild and many more.  Please keep in mind that all our juices contain 0% nicotine.  This is due to Australian vape laws.  We are unable to sell, provide or distribute any vape juice with nicotine.  We recommend our customers to purchase overseas if they require vape juices with nicotine.  There is a handy guide on how much to mix in our online knowledgebase. 

We strive to have vape stock for every level of vaper.  No matter if you are new to the vape industry or long time user, we try to carry vape products for every individual requirement.  Starter kits for those who are starting to vape and advance rebuildable tanks for those looking to push the boundaries of vaping.  We also provide rebuilding support for those looking for more than just a smoking alternative.  We can help show you how to build your rebuildable tank atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer.  We also sell vape DIY kits and cotton for those adventurous enough to try it on their own.

Another great benefit of going to your local vape store is the return policy.  If you have any issues with your device, we can help you on the spot.  You do not need to wait days if not weeks for a replacement.  If we do not carry the same item, we are happy to give you credit for another vape device or starter kit.  Please keep in mind that a receipt is needed for any returns.

Vape support

Ace Vape Melbourne offers a variety of channels if our customer needs support.  Our vape customers can call us directly if they have any vape questions.  Our customers can also email us at any time or message us on Facebook or Instagram.  We also accept text messages. 




Telephone:  0488 383 842 

We strive on answering all support questions within a business day.

One of the few authorize vape shops in Melbourne

Ace Vape Melbourne is one of the few vape stores in Victoria that holds a specialist tobacconist vape license.  This license gives us the legal rights to display all of our vape products.  Users can enjoy retail therapy at our vape shop in Melbourne or Tullamarine.  We had to go through a special certification process to obtain this license.  Why go to a vape shop if you cannot view the products?

Experts with vape laws in Australia

The vaping industry in Australia is unique to all others around the world.  We help our customers by educating them about the vape industry and to avoid any unnecessary problems.  This is especially true for all our international customers who come to Melbourne for a visit or working holiday. 

Being so close to various Melbourne Universities, we get a lot of international students.  We can help answer specific vape questions that they might not be familiar with. 

Ace Vape keeps up to date with all current vape laws in and around Australia.  We are in touch with the local vaping advocacy groups so our ears are on the ground when it comes to laws that can affect you and the industry.


If you are looking for a one-stop vape shop, look no further.  Ace Vape Melbourne is here to answer any questions you have and welcome you to our vape stores.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions. 



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