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Benefits of vaping: all the facts you should know

by Seo Expert 10 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Benefits of vaping: all the facts you should know

Discover the main advantages of saying a final goodbye to traditional tobacco
If you have noticed, it is increasingly common to go down the street and see people vaping.

This is a sign that, in the face of the great initial ignorance about the electronic cigarette, the world of vaping is normalizing and we are no longer seen as 'weirdos' (or not so much).



Smoking or vaping?
Advantages of vaping

But besides this, what is really interesting is that we are more informed and, therefore, able to turn a deaf ear to the comments that dismiss the e-cig as being, to put it in some way, the very devil.

Here are some of the main differences between smoking and vaping, looking at their pros and cons.

Smoking or vaping?

We start with the most fundamental: the substance that is inhaled.

With the traditional cigarette, what is inhaled is a smoke that is created from the combustion of hundreds of substances and additives that make up tobacco. While in the case of the vape, the vapor that is produced by heating the so-called liquid for vaping is inhaled. This liquid undergoes an evaporation process that does not give rise to harmful substances in the atmosphere that can affect the people around, something that does happen with the cigar of a lifetime.

The smoke that the cigarette gives off is even more harmful than the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

Another notorious difference is related to inhaled smoke, but in relation to taste.

As you already know, e-liquids do not contain tar, ammonia, or other components that are harmful to health and that are what the normal cigarette carries. And although there are aromas that are tobacco flavors, the reality is that we vapers have before us a universe of liquids : fruity, sweet, fresh… absolutely everything you can imagine!

And one more thing that as a former smoker (or a smoker but with a view to switching to vaping) you will understand perfectly. Because that throat hit that you feel when smoking is one of the things you like the most, and the first thing that comes to mind is that this feeling is not going to give you the electronic cigarette, and nothing is further from the truth!

When vaping, this feeling is practically identical, very very similar, no one should worry about this 

The largest study on vaporizers recommends its use to stop smoking.

Advantages of vaping

After collecting the basic aspects that make vaping and smoking not even remotely the same, we are going to briefly detail some of the benefits that you should know, and that only reinforce what we just mentioned.

  • Recovery of smell and sense of taste.

It's like rediscovering smells and flavors, a joy!

  • Improved and fresh breath.

You will speak without fearing that your breath will stink and without always having to have gum or candy on hand to get you out of more than one hurry.

  • Whiter teeth.

Over time, tobacco darkens and yellows the teeth. Yes, there are teeth whitening, but if you can avoid going through the dentist to maintain healthy and well-cared teeth, better than better, right?

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