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CBD Oil Dosing Guide: How Much CBD Should You Take?

by Seo Expert 21 Jul 2020 0 Comments

CBD Oil Dosing Guide: How Much CBD Should You Take?


The CBD industry even though it is booming is still new, and some information can be confusing. Assuming that you already read a lot of articles about CBD and its benefits, we will focus on something specific. Our purpose here is to explain more about CBD oil dosage. What is the perfect CBD dosage? Is there any official recommendation for proper use? What are the steps I should take daily? The answers to these questions should be a helpful guide to you, and we tend to do that below.

For a proper or for the right dosage you should take into account these factors:

  • Concentration of CBD
  • The body chemistry of the individual
  • Weight of the individual
  • The condition you want to treat

How to find the right amount of CBD?

These factors will give you more valuable information than feedback from friends or previous users. Because they are using CBD does not make them experts, nor does the recommendations from CBD companies. This drives us to a more secure option, our doctor, who can talk to us about appropriate usage and potential risks.

Consulting your doctor is a must, especially if you are using other medications. In case your doctor does not give you any recommendation, it is a good way to start with a small dosage and then increase gradually. This will not only remove any risks of overdosing but also gives you the chance to find the perfect dosage that affects your body and mind best. When starting small, you will not feel an immediate change, because it means you have not reached the proper dosage yet. But, this should never make you stop chasing the benefits of using CBD. As a guide, it is best if you have 20 mg a day, and after a week increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue with this tempo until you feel the effects of CBD oil.

What are the steps I should take?

Since there is no official recommendation of CBD dosage we recommend you use some simple tips for that:

  1. Based on your body weight and the level of pain you should take 1 to 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. 1 to 6 may not be that accurate but it depends on the individual's pain. All of the CBD oil products have the percentage of CBD written in them. These products, these brands or companies also write usage recommendations.
  2. Even if your weight and level of pain are similar to any of your friends who are benefiting in the best way from CBD oil, you should start with a smaller dosage and increase the percentage gradually. This is because we are very different from each other. There is a very small chance that 2 friends have the same health history, same body chemistry, the same weight.
  3. Always consult your doctor or physician, especially if you suffer from any health disorder. Nowadays most doctors know a lot about CBD and can provide you with professional information about dosage.

What happens when you use too much CBD oil?

CBD does not contain THC which is another cannabis compound that has psychoactive effects on users. This means that those who use CBD products will not get addicted to it. CBD oil can be used daily in a controlled percentage. In fact, we recommend you keep a track of the milligrams of CBD used each day, week, or month. These stats and the effects you felt during the time will serve as a guide for the future. Above we wrote about the steps to find the perfect or proper dosage of CBD. Once you reach your beneficial dose, it does not make sense to use more than that. In conclusion, taking more than you need is unnecessary as it may cause unwanted results. 


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