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Rise of the Vape Pod systems

by Ben Wong 09 Apr 2020 0 Comments

Rise of the Vape Pod systems


It was a little over 3 years ago that vape devices started getting smaller and smaller with each release of new vapes devices. We went from seeing vapers walking along the streets with large brick sized vapes that blow massive clouds of smoke to seeing a continuously growing number of vapers handling tiny pen sized vapes that resembled a cigarette and produced a much smaller cloud, much like a cigarette. Some large vape mod manufacturers such as Lost Vape have even stopped manufacturing large double battery mods completely and focused on manufacturing only vaping pod devices.

Smok MorphVladdin RE Pod vape

Vaping used to hold a negative connotation, being seen as obnoxious and chunky devices that produced enough vapour cloud to resemble a burnout. If you are a regular on Facebook on Instagram, you would have undoubtedly come across several memes that go along the lines of “We get it, you vape”. The rise of pod vapes has assisted in removing that negative impression of vaping, smaller more discreet electronic cigarettes that seemingly resembled cigarettes alongside many other benefits with vaping.  

We are here to explore the rise of the pod vape, along with our recommendations of what is the best pod for you.

The evolution of nicotine

With vaping, the more nicotine that is inhaled, the stronger the hit. The creation of nicotine salts single handedly created the rise of the vape pod. Juul was the very first company to introduce pod vapes since they are also the company that created nicotine salts. To summarise what nicotine salts are, it is a form of nicotine that has been modified to reduce the amount of “throat hit”, something most vapers that have used freebase nicotine in the past would be all too familiar with. Throat hit feels gives a rough or burning sensation in the back of your throat when you vape, so if that is something you experience when you are vaping, chances are you are using freebase nicotine.

This creation of a new form of nicotine enabled users to use stronger concentrations of nicotine without the need for a high powered device. Freebase nicotine was extremely harsh on the throat at high levels, hence the need for low levels of nicotine combined with high powered devices. More nicotine vaporised and inhaled meant more nicotine was absorbed into the body.

Nicotine Salts

If you would like to know more about what is freebase nicotine and nicotine salts and the reasoning behind their scientific names, we have also done some research for you and summarised it at “Freebase Nicotine vs Nicotine Salts”.

What is the Juul

The Juul is a tiny pod vape that has a wattage range from 6W up to 8.5W. It came with single use 0.7ml pods that allow approximately 200 puffs and had a juice nicotine strength of 3% (30mg) and 5% (50mg). The strong nicotine content paired with a high quality nicotine salt allowed for users to use the Juul and experience vaping with the same sensation and nicotine delivery like a cigarette.

Why doesn’t Ace Vape carry the Juul or Relx?

Regardless of the popularity of the Juul or Relx pod devices, the laws in Australia do not permit us to carry these products. As of August 2017, a new legislation was passed to class vape products to be the same as cigarettes. Non-nicotine vape products are legal for sales within Australia but the same tobacco buying laws apply to vape products. Since nicotine was classified as a poisonous substance, this made selling of nicotine illegal within Australia. Fortunately, we carry other amazing pod vape kits that will far outperform the Juul.

However, under the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s personal importation scheme, you may import nicotine for personal use if you obtain a doctors prescription and it is used for a therapeutic reason such as to quit smoking. It is from this that most of our customers import their nicotine to add to our nicotine free e-juices.  

Pod devices in Australia

Since sale of nicotine in vape products is illegal, every vaper is required to import nicotine and mix it into locally available e-liquids on their own. Therefore available pod devices are not prefilled like the Juul and Relx but refillable and come completely empty. There are benefits to having refillable pods on your vape, such as lesser plastic waste being discarded and a wider choice of flavours. Mixing your own nicotine into locally available e-liquids is also a lot more cost effective than buying pre-filled vape pods. 

Smok Nord Pod

Without the appeal of pre-filled nicotine pods, this has forced manufactures to try and differentiate the pod devices that they create to encourage the customer base to ditch the Juul. They distinguish their vapes by providing stronger wattage delivery, better designs, much better flavour delivery and even higher levels of cloud production.

The Pros and Cons of Pod vapes

Running through the list of pros and cons with pod devices, we shall exclude the fact that pod devices mimic cigarettes the most since that is largely attributed to the use of nicotine salts. Since self mixed nicotine salts can be used in any form of vape device as long as the strength of nicotine is appropriate, we shall only discuss the pros and cons of the device itself.


  • Pod devices are extremely compact
  • Pod devices feel like a cigarette (MTL)
  • Vape pods are more convenient to refill without getting your hands oily with e-liquids
  • Some pod devices are inhale activated and prevents misfiring in your pocket
  • Pod vapes are small and discreet
  • Smoke production is minimal and a lot more subtle than mod and tank setups


  • Battery life on pod devices are much smaller
  • More environmental waste with disposable pods only (There are pods that allow you to replace the coil and retain the pod)
  • Used best with nicotine salts and not with freebase since higher concentrations is required for a weaker device

Pod devices at Ace Vape

As mentioned above, there are two types of pod vape starter kits, the first being the ones that use a disposable pod much like the Caliburn. We also have a review on the UWell Caliburn.. The second are pod devices that allow you to replace the coil and retain the pod, minimising environmental waste. Pod devices that require a coil change tend to also be slightly bigger in physical size, have longer lasting battery life and also a more powerful output. 

Disposable Pod Vapes

In the category of disposable pod vapes in no specific order, we have summarised a list of disposable pods in terms of flavour delivery and restrictiveness of inhale. Cost of pods are calculated based on “Cost of a pack of pods” divided by “Number of pods in a pack”.

1. Vladdin RE Pod kit

Vladdin RE pod kit

    While most vapes tend to have a larger cloud production in order for you to inhale more e-juice and experience more flavour, the Vladdin RE Pod kit has found a way to maintain a restricted inhale but still deliver exceptional flavour. In terms of replacement pods, the Vladdin RE is also the most cost effective at 5 dollars per pod.

    • Flavour delivery : 9/10
    • Inhale feeling : Tight
    • Cost of pods : $5 per pod

    2. Uwell Caliburn

    Uwell Caliburn

      The Uwell Caliburn has the largest vapour production among all the pod kits carried by Ace Vape. It is also the best selling pod device available in Ace Vape at the moment. Its high flavour delivery is largely attributed to the design of the pods as well as larger cloud production to ensure you maximise flavour delivery. 

      • Flavour delivery : 9/10
      • Inhale feeling : Loose
      • Cost of pods : $5.50 per pod

      3. Uwell Caliburn Koko

      Uwell Caliburn Koko

        The Uwell Caliburn Koko is similar to the Caliburn with the exception of a different design and lower resistance pods. These pods have a more restricted inhale and have even better flavour delivery than the regular Caliburn. However the lifespan of the pods are also slightly less than the original Caliburn pods.

        • Flavour delivery : 10/10
        • Inhale feeling : Medium
        • Cost of pods : $5.50 per pod

        4. Vaporesso Renova Zero Press to fill pod system

        Renova Zero Pod

          The Renova zero is a competitor to the Caliburn and is well loved by many of our customers. Inhale restriction is average while flavour delivery is also excellent. It’s simple push to fill pods means you would minimise chances of getting your hands oily when refilling while on the go.

          • Flavour Delivery : 8/10
          • Inhale feeling : Medium
          • Cost of pods : $7 per pod

          5. IJoy Neptune Pod system
          iJOY Neptune Pod vape

            The Ijoy Neptune pod system has been growing in popularity, with its adjustable power settings and the largest battery capacity amongst its competitors. Flavour delivery is also rather amazing since it has one of the largest vapour productions among all the other pod vapes.

            • Flavour delivery : 10/10
            • Inhale feeling : Loose
            • Cost of pods : $6.67 per pod.

            6. Smoant S8 Pod kit

            Smoant S8 pod system

              The Smoant S8 has been a long term staple of Ace Vape, being one of the first pods that we started carrying. While it isn’t the best vape pod device on the market, it is the cheapest and it has been popular for our customers who simply wanted something temporary and cheap to purchase.

              • Flavour delivery : 7/10
              • Inhale feeling : Medium
              • Cost of pods : $7 per pod

              7. Lost Vape Prana Pod starter kit

              Lost Vape Prana pod device

                Lost Vape has been extremely popular in the past for their DNA chipped mods that were some of the best on the market. They have recently stopped manufacturing large mods and moved into manufacturing only small pod type devices. The Prana is their attempt at manufacturing a mod that resembles the Juul the most, everything from the size of the coil to the flavour delivery of the device.

                • Flavour delivery : 7/10
                • Inhale feeling : Restricted
                • Cost of pods : $5

                Replacement coils Vape pods

                For pod vapes that have replacement coils, each mod has its own positives and negatives. Instead again we will list them in no particular order and summarise for you the quality of flavour delivery, cost of upkeep, juice capacity and battery life. Since the type of coil affects the restrictiveness of inhale in this category, we will not be including that comparison in this segment. 

                Flavour delivery is rated based on comparison to its competitors and is different from the rating used with disposable pod vapes above.

                1. Smok RPM40 Pro Mod kit

                Smok Rpm40

                  The Smok Rpm40 Pro mod kit is a variable wattage pod device. It comes with 2 pods with different coloured rubber seals, one which takes the RPM40 coils and the other which takes the Smok Nord coils. This is an added benefit given the ease of finding coils is a key factor in how good a product is. 

                  • Flavour delivery : 9/10
                  • Battery size : 1500mAH
                  • Juice Capacity : 4.3ML
                  • Cost per coil : $4 per coil for RPM40 coils
                  • Cost per coil : $4.40 per coil for Nord coils

                  2. Smok Nord Pod System

                  Smok Nord device

                    The Smok Nord is Smok’s first step into pod devices, with two types of coils available for a looser draw or more restricted draw. A 0.6ohm mesh coil for a looser inhale and 1.4ohm standard coil for a more restrictive one. Flavour delivery is amazing with the mesh coil. The one negative that the Smok Nord has is the protruding fire button. It is quite sensitive and can cause your coil to burn prematurely in your pocket should you forget to turn the device off. No power adjustments are available in the Smok Nord pod.

                    • Flavour delivery : 9/10
                    • Battery size : 1100mAH
                    • Juice Capacity : 3ML
                    • Cost per coil : $4.40 per coil

                    3. Aspire Breeze NXT

                    Aspire Breeze NXT

                      The Aspire breeze NXT is probably our personal favourite. The ability to adjust the airflow and the use of much larger mesh coils compared to the Smok Nord allowed for amazing flavour delivery. Aspire redesigned the manner in which the pods attached and removed the clip in mechanism that was seen in the Breeze 1 and Breeze 2. These clips were a common failure point and Aspire fixed that issue in the new iteration of the Breeze NXT. No power adjustment is available in the Breeze NXT.

                      • Flavour delivery : 10/10
                      • Battery size : 1000mAH
                      • Juice capacity : 5.4ML
                      • Cost per coil : $5 per coil

                      4. Vapefly Jester Pod kit

                      Vapefly Jester pod

                        The Vape Fly Jester Pod kit, produced by the same company that has given us the amazing MTL Nicolas tank. The new Jester Pod has a top fill which reduces leaking from the bottom of the pod. The Jester kit also Allows 3 levels of power adjustments and utilises mesh coils for amazing flavour.

                        • Flavour delivery : 9/10
                        • Battery size : 1000mAH
                        • Juice capacity : 2ML
                        • Cost per coil : $4 per coil

                        5. GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod kit

                        Aegis Boost pod kit

                          The Aegis Boost pod kit is probably the most popular pod device among our customers that require a robust vape pod. Being shock, water resistant and dust proof, it is a hit with tradies who would like a vape pod that requires little worry. Also utilising a mesh coil, the flavour in the Aegis Boost is quite amazing for its compact size. The Aegis boost is a variable wattage pod device.

                          • Flavour delivery : 8.5/10
                          • Battery size : 1500mAH
                          • Juice capcity : 3.7ML
                          • Cost per coil : $4 per coil

                          6. Voopoo Vinci R Pro mod Kit

                          Voopoo Vinci R pod

                            The Voopoo Vinci pod device is the only one in this category that actually allows you to switch between direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping. With no variable adjustments between the 2 settings, it is great for first time vapers that would like to explore what type of vaping they would enjoy. The Vinci R has 3 different power settings.

                            • Flavour delivery : 9/10
                            • Battery size : 1500mAH
                            • Juice capacity : 5.5ML
                            • Cost per coil : $5 per coil. 


                            With the growing popularity of vapes, it gets extremely difficult to decide which vape would best suit your style. Every vape pod from each manufacturer is extremely different and finding one that suits the vaping style you enjoy and suits your lifestyle is essential. If you are a first time vaper and exploring DL or MTL vaping, you might to consider the Vinci R. If you are a current smoker and would like something easy to use and convenient to carry around, you might prefer the Vladdin. It is quite tough finding the perfect pod device simply based on online reviews, so visit our Carlton or Tullamarine stores to take a look at these devices in person and ask more questions so we can help you pick the best vape that suits your needs.

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