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Vaptio overview

by Ben Wong 05 Apr 2020 0 Comments


Company introduction

Vaptio is a USA Based company that was established in Seattle in 2014. Since their establishment, they have constantly created new technologies in both product design and development to bring their product users ultra-high quality vape gear. Before most brands started using the Mesh coil that has also changed the way vapers experience flavour from their vapes, Vaptio was one of the first companies to introduce the mesh coil in the Paragon Tank. 

Their advanced quality control program and quality controlled laboratories enable compliances with all international standards and qualifications :  ISO 9001, ISO13485, GMP, HACCP, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, QC080000, CE, RoHS

Why we believe in the Vaptio brand

At Ace Vape Melbourne, we believe in carrying devices that not only are high quality but offer great value to our customer base. Despite being a large company that introduces cutting edge technology to vaping, Vaptio has also never wavered from knowing what its consumers truly want. As seasoned vapers ourselves, the main consideration factors that helps us decide what vapes we carry is the convenience of looking for coils and astounding flavour delivery combined with great value for money for our customers. 

It is with these concepts in mind that Vaptio constantly delivers products that have coils which are interchangeable with many other brands, to deliver the convenience of being able to find coils almost anywhere even if Vaptio coils are not available. This is aside from the fact that Vaptio manufactures some of the best vape mods that utilise chips which have some of the quickest ramp up (heat up) times in the vaping industry. Ramp up time is important in a high quality vape as it affects the quality of your cloud production as well as how quickly you experience your favourite flavour in your vape.

Vaptio Products Ace Vape Stocks

Click on the link for more information about the differences between Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung (DL) vaping.



The Vaptio Cosmo is an amazing entry to intermediate level starter kit into vaping for the Mouth To Lung (MTL) user.. The Cosmo features a 1500 mAH battery and 3 levels of power adjustment ranging from 10W up to 30W. Compared to various other entry level MTL vapes, the Cosmo offers a level of  adjustability most entry level vapes do not. Beginning with the airflow adjustments since most first time vapers will not be fully aware of what they enjoy in a vape just yet. 

Vaptio Cosmo

Unfortunately with the laws in Australia, testing of vapes are no longer allowed and therefore a simple device that will allow various degrees of adjustment would be ideal for a first time vaper. The adjustable airflow allows you to vary the sensations of vaping to either a more restricted inhale that requires more effort or a looser inhale that allows vapour to flow more freely into your mouth. The Cosmo by Vaptio will allow a level of airflow adjustment, ranging from an extremely restricted MTL inhale to a medium restricted inhale which is limited by the size of the coil. 

Cosmo Vaptio

With nicotine vaping, the general idea of inhaling more vapour simply equates to inhaling more nicotine, giving a stronger nicotine hit. The different levels of power adjustments changes the rate of how much heat is produced in a coil, thus changing the rate at which the liquid is vaporized and also changes how strong of a nicotine hit you get. The Cosmo allows 3 levels of adjustments, changed simply with the push of a button. The low, medium and high settings change between 10W, 20W and 30W. 

Sticking with Vaptio and their commitment to offer high quality vapes to their customers, the Vaptio Cosmo was designed to not only take the Vaptio Cosmo coils, but are also interchangeable with Aspire brand Nautilus and Nautilus 2S coils. This will ensure your ability to easily find the coils that suit your vape which is essential given the supply chain disruptions in the current climate of uncertainty caused by the corona virus. Aspire Nautilus coils to suit the Cosmo are also available both online and in store.

Vaptio Cosmo starter kit

The super light and compact design of the Cosmo also makes it easy to carry around, while the 2ML juice capacity with the 1500 mAH battery is generally enough to last the light to average vaper a full day of use. Heavy vapers however may find that a recharge is required closer to the end of the day. Battery life is indicated by an LED indicator built into the Cosmo mod with 3 different colours showing the varying battery percentages. The blue light shows a full charge, green to indicate the battery is at medium capacity and red indicating that battery is low. At a $50 Aud price point, the cosmo is one of the best MTL vapes.

Negatives on the cosmo

The only negative of the Cosmo that the testing we have done at Ace Vape is that in order for Vaptio to design the device to be light, the construction of the device was made of plastic. While the overall construction of the device is done well, users that are slightly more clumsy with their vapes will find that the plastic eventually breaks due to the stress of dropping it. As with all electronic devices, extra care should be taken to not drop the device as much as possible. 

Solo F2


The Vaptio Solo F2 is Vaptio’s answer to the demand for an entry level direct lung vape that feels like a shisha. If MTL vaping is not for you and you would prefer a vape that feels more like a shisha with an easier inhale and large cloud production, the solo F2 is the perfect device for you. The F2 outputs a maximum of 50W with an inbuilt battery of 2200mAH. 

Vaptio Solo F2

It comes in a slim marker sized device with a metal construction with a sporty carbon fiber finish and a magnetic dust cap to prevent dust and dirt from entering your coil. The Solo F2 mod is also built with a metal base which allows you to clip the magnetic dust cap onto the base when the DL vape is in use. With an ergonomic design and LED battery indicator, the Vaptio Solo F2 presents itself an amazing piece of vape kit with great value for money. 

Solo F2 Vaptio

With a larger airflow and much larger coil, flavour production will be significantly higher than what can be produced from the Cosmo. Sticking with Vaptio’s concept of convenience, the Solo F2 uses coils compatible with 4 different brands of coils. The E-leaf HW series which is one of the most common coils on the market at low cost, the Vaporesso GT series which costs slightly more but has a slightly longer lifespan of use, GeekVape Super Mesh coils which is a great combination of both flavour and lifespan and the Smok Baby series coils. Looking for coils for this particular vape device has never been easier!

Solo F2 Negatives

In terms of construction quality, convenience and design, the Vaptio Solo F2 is amazing for its price point. There are however 2 negatives for the device with the first being the lack of air flow adjustment. The Solo F2 was designed with an airflow that is fully wide open with no adjustability. In order to restrict the airflow on the vape to enable you to have a slightly hotter and more restricted vape feeling, you would have to manually place your fingers around the airflow section to manually restrict its flow while having to push the button. This would mean that your vape experience would never be exactly the same with each puff since it is dependent on where you place your fingers. If you do however enjoy a fully wide open airflow vape experience, then this would not be a negative for you. 

Vaptio Solo F2 Starter kit

The second negative aspect is the Solo F2, being an entry level starter kit does not have a wattage control. As explained above, having an adjustable wattage control changes the way you experience your flavour and nicotine hit should you be using any in your vape kit. However at a maximum of 50W on a full charge, this does not mean your vape experience will be significantly impacted. It simply means that with certain coils, you will not be able to fully maximize the performance that is capable from your coil. 


At Ace Vape Melbourne, we truly believe that the Cosmo and Solo F2 is the best value for money entry to intermediate level vape starter kit. Alongside the convenience of use, build quality and well thought out designs. At a price point of $50 Aud, both vape kits are not only affordable but great for first time vapers and even seasoned vapers who are looking for slim and compact vapes for their daily use. If you would like to know more about the Vaptio devices, feel free to give us a call at 0488 383 842 for our Carlton store or (03) 9338 7002 at our Tullamarine store in Melbourne. 

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